Precision Mechanical
Precision Mechanical, Inc.
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Winchester, KY 40391

PMI can design, form, weld, fuse, and modify a variety of materials for whatever purpose our customers desire. This includes all types of sheet steel and structural members (carbon, stainless, aluminum), plastics of various types, etc. Our fabrication facility contains a variety of equipment to cut almost any material imaginable, and our engineering staff is comprised of a variety of backgrounds that allows PMI to take these materials and custom fabricate products to serve multiple industries. We deliver everything from custom steel structures to specialty sanitary items for the food/beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


PMI’s construction services division self-performs almost every capability that we offer. We specialize in mechanical, millwright, machinery moving, maintenance, utility & piping systems, and steel erection for manufacturing and industrial plants. PMI performs work in food/beverage, pharmaceutical, fermentation, heat generation, health & beauty aid, glass, feed mill, and a variety of other facilities. We have relationships with vendors and manufacturers across the country, to offer our customers turnkey, engineered solutions.

 Sanitary Systems
Precision Mechanical ~ Construction

Sanitary Systems. PMI was in part founded on our ability to self-perform sanitary system/tubing installations, with ANSI D 18.1 certified welding techniques (Orbital and Manual/Hand). Additionally, PMI regularly manufacturers/fabricates a variety of sanitary stainless vessels, skids, containers, etc. for the Food/Beverage, Bio-manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Precision Mechanical ~ Construction

Millwright/Mechanical/Maintenance. PMI’s workforce is comprised of employees with experience in many different “types” of facilities. For years we have strategically hired employees with diverse backgrounds in millwright work and general plant maintenance. PMI regularly performs preventative maintenance, modifications, start-up assistance, etc.  for various types of process equipment in manufacturing plants (i.e. Heat Generation facilities, Glass Manufacturing facilities, Food/Beverage facilities, Bio-manufacturing facilities, Pharmaceutical facilities, etc.)

 Process Equipment
Precision Mechanical ~ Construction

Process Equipment Installation/Machinery Moving. No project is too big or small for PMI with regard to process equipment installation. While we deal with small equipment (pumps, valves, etc.) every day, we also have the knowledge, experience, and industry relationships to set large equipment, even to the extent of requiring specialized aerial lifting (i.e. helicopters for rooftop equipment) and large crane lifts (i.e. projects that required cranes as large as 550 tons). We also realize and understand the imperative importance of critical alignment, leveling, operating parameters, etc. that each individual piece of equipment may require.

Precision Mechanical ~ Construction

Structural Fabrication/Erection. PMI has made significant investment in all sorts of fabrication equipment (water jet, break, shear, rollers, plasma table, sand/bead blasting equipment, etc.) that allows us to custom build/fabricate a variety of products. Additionally, we specialize in custom structural fabrications (carbon, stainless, aluminum, etc.). PMI has experience with everything from traditional structural steel fabrication for building frames, etc. to custom platforms, catwalks, and mezzanines in the manufacturing and industrial facilities that we serve. The majority of the time, PMI also self-performs the installation/erection of the systems that we fabricate for our customers.

 Utility Systems
Precision Mechanical ~ Construction

Utility/Ammonia Piping Systems. Since PMI’s inception, we have had the appropriate certifications and knowledge to install all types of utility piping systems and equipment. This includes boiler equipment, steam, condensate, glycol/chilled water, gas, air, process water, ammonia, etc. Additionally, we understand the complexity of these systems and often bring a design/build approach to our customers to assist in changes and/or new installations for a proper functioning system/final product.

 Design Production/Drawings
Precision Mechanical ~ Design/Drawing

Design/Drawing Production & Generation. As a complement to our fabrication and construction services, PMI has an in-house engineering team capable of generating AutoCAD, Inventor, and Plant 3D drawings for our customers.

This allows PMI to provide a turnkey service from conception to final product, with design/drawing generation in between. With this capability, our customers can view, approve, and make changes to their conceptual ideas throughout the building process.

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